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Below you can find informative answers to frequently asked questions about various driveway gate related issues and general topics. Scroll down to see if your question has already been answered, or just to increase your general knowledge.

What are the most common causes of gate opener failure?

There are all sorts of reasons why your gate opener will stop working. For example, the opener will stop working automatically if one of the safety sensors detects an obstacle. It will then most likely reverse to avoid hitting said obstacle. However, misaligned sensors, or ones that are malfunctioning in some way, can detect "false-positives" and may cause your opener to start acting up even though there's no obstacle in the way. Of course, there are various other issues, including hardware damage and electrical glitches that can also result in nonresponsiveness, so it's better to have a professional take a look if the problem persists.

Do iron gates rust?

Yes, they do. This is a natural process in which the surface of the metal changes because it reacts to moisture in the air. To protect your iron gate, you need to apply a protective compound - paint or a specially formulated sealant. Reapplication is required on a regular basis. Before this, you must clean the gate thoroughly. Also, any physical damage to the bars of the frame should be handled asap to minimize exposure.

Are automatic gate openers secure?

Modern electric opener models should include rolling code technology that prevents people from copying your remote control’s signal; make sure yours has it. If you have a “smart” gate with internet or smartphone connectivity, be sure to invest in top of the line cybersecurity software. Other than that, just make sure your opener, wires, and controls can’t be reached by hand from outside the gate. If you have an access keypad, be sure to change the password every so often, just in case some unscrupulous types get a hold of it somehow.


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