Driveway Gate Company

Driveway Gate Company

If you are looking for a driveway gate company that you can trust then you need to contact our corporation at Gate Repair Malibu. Our driveway gate corporation is all about our customers. We love being in the position to help our customers install the best looking gates/ fences on their property.

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Sliding Gate

Sliding Gate

So you have decided to add a sliding gate to your driveway! Good decision. Now you just need to go with the best driveway gate company for the job. You need a company that you can depend on always being there for you. You need a driveway gate company that can not only deal with solid sliding gates in Malibu but also can do all of other repairs or installations that you may need.

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Gate Company

Gate Company

Do you need to have a gate or fence installed on your commercial or residential property? Do you repair work done to a gate or fence that you already have? Are you looking for a driveway gate company in Malibu that can take care of all of these services for you? We are just the company that you are looking for.

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Available 24/7. Exceptional electric gate repair services.

We have the clear answers for the most frequent asked questions on gate repairs.

  • Do iron gates rust?

    Yes, they do. This is a natural process in which the surface of the metal changes because it reacts with air and water. To protect your iron gate, you need to apply a protective compound - paint or a specially formulated sealant. Reapplication is required on a regular basis. Before this, you must clean the gate thoroughly.

  • What are the most common causes of gate opener failure?

    The opener will stop working automatically if one of the safety sensors fails. This is a safety requirement which manufacturers must follow strictly. A broken hardware part will also halt the work of the operator. If a gear breaks, the power coming from the motor won’t reach the drive. If the chain snaps, the motor will work as usual, but the gate won’t move.

  • Are automatic gates worth the price?

    Automatic gates reduce a large majority of manual work in opening and closing gates, so if you find yourself often losing time doing this, investing in automatic gates can be a wise decision. However, you will have to perform maintenance work on its motor and sensors as well, so consider that before diving in.

  • What is the most common type of gate opener?

    Top swing arm openers are the most common gate openers in current use. They are durable units that can last up to 20 years. They usually feature a heavy metal frame and gear boxes that are usually oil-soaked. They are known for being not so aesthetically pleasing, though, since their arms attach to the gate near the middle height.

  • Should I go for an automated gate?

    If you have the budget for it, installing an automated gate opener system is definitely a great investment. It makes vehicle entry and exit more convenient and in some ways, even more secure than a regular gate. If you don't have the money for it, you shouldn't be worried. Most gate types can be fitted with an automatic opener, so you can just choose to get one installed later.

  • What are the types of gate openers and which is the best?

    Some examples of gate openers include the push-button remote type, Bluetooth remote, keypad-secured opener, infrared sensors, and others. The best type would depend on what your needs are as a motorist and as a home-owner. Our experts believe that sufficient research and consultations should be made before choosing.

  • Checking for Defects

    When electric gates become defective, according to Gate Repair Malibu, the initial thing to do is to check on the power supply. Check on the switch and make sure that it is turned on. Then check on the wirings and see if all wires are in good condition. Then check the controls. Check the mechanisms of the devices used in your electric gate.

  • Scraping Rust like a Pro

    Iron gates are not difficult to maintain. Often your concern is it being rusty. An expert from Gate Repair Malibu advises that maintaining iron gates does not require tedious work. It only needs scraping of the rust with the use of a wire brush and the application of oil or grease. If you want you can apply an anti-rust proofing and repaint your iron gate.

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