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Welcome to our tips section. Here, you can read some professional advice on how to take good care of your driveway gate and avoid dangerous and expensive mishaps; just keep reading.

Dealing with a driveway on a slope

If your driveway is on a slope, it may present additional challenges to installing a swing gate. The large swing radius of a double-swing system can be hard to manage on an incline, for example, as the leaves will end up hitting the driveway when they open. A sliding gate would probably be preferable, but if you insist on getting a swinging type system, there are ways to do that. Gate Repair Miami will happily help you achieve that.

Lubricate your driveway gate

Many of the parts involved in your gate’s operation are metal pieces that grind against each other regularly. As such, they need to be checked for wear and tear and treated for it via preventative maintenance. Greasing the hinges of a swing gate is very important, as without it the system won't work as silently and smoothly as it normally does. Be sure to do this on a regular basis to keep it in optimal shape.

The main maintenance requirements of a wooden driveway gate

While wooden gates can often be cheaper than wrought iron ones, they too require a lot of maintenance. Wood is known for the curb appeal it offers, but if it starts to warp or rot that aspect will quickly vanish. It needs to be repainted in order to seal it against moisture and keep it protected from the elements. If rot sets in, it needs to be cut out and the damaged parts replaced, in order to keep it from spreading onto the rest of the gate.


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